Published Friday, 10 February 2017

Vacancy: Policy Analyst for Agriculture and Climate 

IEEP is looking for a full-time policy analyst to form an addition to its Agriculture and Land Management team. S/he will focus on developing policy solutions to achieve net zero emissions for the agricultural sector by 2050 within the greater context of European climate and agriculture issues.

In addition to leading IEEP’s work on developing a roadmap for achieving net zero emissions in the agriculture sector by 2050, the successful candidate will be expected to drive to other relevant research projects relating to agriculture and climate policy and agriculture’s contribution to the delivery of Europe’s GHG emission reduction targets, contribute to fundraising activities, draft policy briefings on climate/agriculture policy developments and their implications for agriculture, organise, facilitate and participate in workshops, seminars and other events involving experts in this policy area, among other tasks.

This role will require considerable policy knowledge, analytical capacity and stakeholder facilitation skills, to engage in and help to shape current debates. It represents a chance to make a significant contribution to current agricultural policy debates.

Location: Brussels

Salary: between €33,000 - €35,000 depending on experience. Local travel reimbursed.

Deadline for applications: 5 pm CET, Friday 3 March, 2017