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  • A circular bio-economy in the European agriculture and forestry sectors

    IEEP experts call for bridging the circular and bio-economy concepts, to support the transition of Europe’s land using sectors to a more resource efficient and sustainable future.

  • New report launch: Call for a new vision for responsible renewable energy with a clear European dimension

    Claude Turmes MEP hosted an event launching both IEEP’s report and a debate on the future of renewable energy in Europe. In the our report IEEP present how a resource efficient energy system might be delivered in a way that minimises impact on biodiversity and the wider environment.

  • New report: environmental fiscal reform potential in the EU

    A study for the European Commission assesses the potential economic and environmental benefits of environmental tax reform across the 28 EU Member States.

  • Assessing the Potential for Environmental Fiscal Reform in the EU-28

    A study for the European Commission assesses the potential economic and environmental benefits of environmental tax reform across the 28 EU Member States.

  • Our Fortieth Anniversary!

    In 2016, we celebrate forty years since IEEP was established.

  • Beyond GDP Newsletter – December 2015 edition out now

    The latest edition of the Beyond GDP newsletter explores indicators for a greener economy and for green growth.

  • Conference on the Fitness Check of EU Nature Legislation

    As part of the fitness check of the EU Nature Directives, the European Commission is organising a high-level conference in Brussels on 20 November. The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss the emerging findings from the assessment of evidence and information gathered during the process.

  • Volkswagen: Painful Lessons

    The latest edition of IEEP's newsletter is now available. David Baldock discusses Volkswagen and lack of implementation and compliance across EU environmental policy in general. Also: greening of the CAP; Marine Protected Areas; and LULUCF.

  • Book launch: "EU Environmental Policy: Its Journey to Centre Stage"

    The story of how and why EU environmental policy has developed in different fields is told in a new book by Nigel Haigh, former Director of IEEP and still an active Honorary Fellow. The book was launched in London on May 25 in collaboration with the Institution of Environmental Sciences and Society for the Environment.

  • IEEP contributes to new online course on marine litter

    IEEP has contributed content to a Massive Open Online Course on marine litter which offers an opportunity to learn about this important global environmental issue.

  • David Baldock stepping down as Director; period of recruitment begins

    David Baldock will be stepping down from his role as Director of the Institute in 2016 after eighteen eventful years, during which the Institute has made a considerable impact in the ...

  • Protecting the interests of future generations

    Do future generations get a fair deal from the policy decisions we make now? A new IEEP report for the World Future Council launched today suggests not.

  • Assessing sustainable biomass availability

    Dr. Ben Allen presented IEEP’s views on the sustainable use of biomass at an international conference in Brussels. Understanding the scale of the resource is a key part of determining appropriate policy intervention and ensuring commercial viability.

  • New report: assessing the benefits of marine protected areas

    Marine Protected Areas provide a range of benefits to human wellbeing, including providing food, mitigating climate change and creating opportunities for recreation and tourism. Further steps are needed to assess and communicate these benefits, this way supporting marine conservation both globally and in the EU.

  • New PEGASUS website

    Project website for EU research project PEGASUS goes live!

  • New report: delivering low carbon transport fuels post 2020

    How should EU policy support the transition to low carbon transport fuels post 2020? A new IEEP led report argues that future policies should be differentiated to tailor support towards specific objectives and technologies that offer the greatest potential for a low carbon future.

  • New open access book on marine litter

    A new book, 'Marine Anthropogenic Litter', has been published comprising 16 chapters on various aspects of the complex issue of litter in the world’s oceans. Researchers from IEEP contributed a chapter on the economics of marine litter. The whole book is free to view online.

  • Nature, Health and Jobs: IEEP at Green Week 2015

    Drawing on recent work by the Institute, IEEP’s Patrick ten Brink will present at Green Week 2015 on Jobs & Growth through Green Infrastructure (3 June 2015 - 16:30-18:00, Session 2.2) and on Health and Social Benefits of Nature and Biodiversity Protection (4 June 2015 - 09:30-11:00, Session 3.3).

  • Looking beyond Paris

    The latest edition of IEEP's newsletter is now available. David Baldock argues that in the next six months the EU has a substantive role in contributing to agreement on an ambitious but credible set of SDGs and more stretching climate targets. Also: energy efficiency and security; bioeconomy; and circular economy.

  • Public consultation on EU Nature legislation ‘Fitness Check‘ launched

    The ‘Fitness Check’ on EU Nature legislation has moved to a new phase with the launch of an online public consultation. The consultation allows all interested parties throughout the European Union to share their views on the legislation.