IEEP Books and Publications  [PDF version]

With its publications, IEEP contributes to disseminating information and insights on environmental policy and environment-related topics.


Understanding the consequences of changing biomass demand for energy - 19 October 2016

Demand for biomass for energy is central to the development of future policy on renewable energy in Europe. This study, led by IIASA and supported by IEEP, models different levels of biomass demand for energy and its consequences for land use and forest based industries.

Plastics, Marine Litter and the Circular Economy - 24 October 2016

Plastic waste is a major driver of marine litter and results in avoidable socio-economic and environmental consequences.  Read our briefings on microbeads, polystyrene and single-use plastics and explore circular economy solutions for reducing the flow of plastic waste into the oceans.

Ecological Focus Areas – what are their impacts on biodiversity? - 1 December 2016

Ecological Focus Areas are intended to safeguard and improve biodiversity on arable farms in the EU. This IEEP study for the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and BirdLife examined the evidence for potential biodiversity impacts on farmland, taking into account how the areas are being managed.

Ensuring the carbon sustainability of biomass - 9 December 2016

Ensuring the carbon sustainability of bioenergy requires a new approach in EU policy. This IEEP report offers an alternative pathway to the European Commission proposal in the “winter package”.

Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats Directives - 14 December 2016

The Nature Directives (i.e. Birds Directive and Habitats Directive) are key instruments of EU environmental policy. This Fitness Check support study, carried out by Milieu, IEEP and ICF for the European Commission DG Environment, examined their effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, EU-added value and their coherence with the wider EU legislative and policy framework. 

Comparative study on the differences between the EU and US Legislation on Emissions in the Automotive Sector - December 2016

This study provides a comparative analysis between the EU and US legislation on emissions in the automotive sector and the systems for their implementation and enforcement. The report was led by IEEP’s Senior Fellow Martin Nesbit and commissioned on behalf of the European Parliament’s Committee on Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS).

Who cares about dirty beaches? Evaluating environmental awareness and action on coastal litter in Chile - January 2017

This paper, co-authored by IEEP’s Konar Mutafoglu, focuses on marine litter issues in coastal regions of Chile. The case study, originally developed under a research contract for UNEP, was published as an independent paper in the journal Ocean & Coastal Management.  

Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond: The Role of the EU and Its Member States - 2 February 2017

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, Fighting Environmental Crime in Europe and Beyond builds on the findings of 40-months of EU-funded research on environmental crime. The “European Union Action to Fight Environmental Crime” (EFFACE) project analysed cases within and outside the EU and brought it together in this collection. IEEP, as a project partner, authored two chapters which analyse illegal fishing in the EU and illegal electronic waste shipments from the EU to China.