IEEP Conferences and Events  [PDF version]

In the coming months IEEP is organising and/or participating in a number of meetings and events. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.


Brexit and the Environment: A Roundtable London (UK), 30 January 2017

Organized by the British Academy and EUrefEnv and hosted by IEEP’s Senior Fellow Martin Nesbit, this roundtable will address Brexit and the environment, focusing on devolution, trade and governance.

Contact: Martin Nesbit


Working group on Resource Efficient Rural Economy (ENRD) Brussels (Belgium), February and June, and Bologna (Italy), April 2017

IEEP, in partnership with the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), is coordinating a Thematic Group on Resource Efficient Rural Economy. Its aim is to identify ways to improve soils and water use through the national and regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) of the CAP. We explore how RDPs have been used, developed and implemented, gathering examples of good practice, analysing what has worked and what could be improved, and facilitating the exchange of information and ideas between stakeholders.

The Thematic group consists of experts, managing authorities, delivery organisations and Commission staff. In 2017, two Thematic Group meetings are planned for March (Brussels/videoconference) and April (Italy). Results from these meetings will be presented in a conference in Brussels in June.

If you are a managing authority involved in the development or delivery of Rural Development Programmes, please get in touch with Ben Allen


Royal Town Planning Institute conference on the England planning system in 2017 London (UK), 23 February 2017

This conference addresses the Royal Town Planning Institute’s hot topics for the year ahead. IEEP’s Martin Nesbit, Senior Fellow and Head of Climate and Environmental Governance Programme, will speak in the afternoon session, providing insights on Brexit as well as current and future implications of recent international climate change agreements for urban planners.

Contact: Martin Nesbit


Civil society’s role in environmental tax reform Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin and Budapest, March and April 2017

During March and April 2017, a series of five workshops will investigate the role of civil society in the development of economic instruments for pollution reduction and natural resources management. Each event will focus on a different theme: circular economy (Amsterdam, 10 March), water stress (Barcelona, 27 March), water quality and marine litter (Copenhagen, 3 April), biodiversity and land use (Berlin, 20 April) and air pollution (Budapest, 25 April). A final project conference will also be held in Brussels during the week of 12 June.

Attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to attend, contact Emma Watkins or Patrick ten Brink


Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change. Challenges, Opportunities and Evidence Gaps Bonn (Germany), 27-29 June 2017

IEEP’s Head of the Green Economy Programme, Patrick ten Brink, will provide insights on the health benefits of nature at the joint European conference in Bonn. The event will increase knowledge, share experience and foster nature-based solutions to meet the many challenges surrounding climate change and health.

Contact: Patrick ten Brink 


Make Europe the World Leader of Sustainable Development: A Unique Opportunity to Build a Stronger European Union Rome (Italy), 23 March 2017

Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, IEEP will co-host the Make Europe the World Leader of Sustainable Development Conference in Rome on 23 March, 2017. A starting point to build a new vision for Europe, we will  explore implementation of the values and objectives defined by the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. This is an opportunity to discuss how European State and Non-State actors can become SGDs leaders, and pave a pathway to the EU becoming the world champions of sustainable development.

Contact: Anna Solovieva