Interesting policy milestones in 2017  [PDF version]

Interesting policy milestones that merit public attention in 2017 include:


1. A plastics strategy that commits to keeping plastic and its value in the economy and out of the marine environment.  Setting an EU objective to reduce marine litter will catalyse stakeholder action and prioritise prevention measures over clean-up.

2. Build on the birds and habitats directives fitness check to make the new commitment to implement the directives work and safeguard our biodiversity.

3. A legislative push for 2030 climate and energy targets through the Council and Parliament. This is an opportunity to strengthen it and increase policy certainty. It’s also a chance to carry out serious analytical work on how to make EU objectives on climate change consistent with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

4. Monitoring the Common Agricultural Policy post-2020 Commission Communication on its modernisation and simplification. It must ensure it embodies the changes required to move towards a more environmentally oriented, resource efficient and climate resilient land management sector, which incorporates the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Ensuring the Commission has the best evidence on the challenges and opportunities in implementing EU water policy in preparation for the Water Framework Directive review.

6. Ensuring the sustainable use of biomass is an underpinning thread in the promotion of bio-resources use in EU policy. This includes bioenergy in the proposed Renewable Energy Directive, the Circular Economy Action Plan and reforms to the Bioeconomy Strategy.

For a more detailed EC work plan visit this page