IEEP in the press in 2014

Selcted press coverage on Agriculture and land management

Selected press coverage on Biodiversity

  • Defra delays biodiversity offsetting ENDS Report - May
  • Make biodiversity offsets mandatory, EC told ENDS Europe - April 4
    Biodiversity offsetting must be mandatory for all activities that cause significant damage to the natural environment and ecosystem services if the EU is to meet its biodiversity target, says a study for the European Commission.
  • Owen Paterson to press ahead with contentious 'biodiversity offsetting' Guardian - March 11
    The UK Environment Secretary is set to announce plans to allow biodiversity offsetting. Pilot studies remain incomplete and evidence from similar studies in other countries is inconclusive. An IEEP paper highlights that “measuring biodiversity is almost impossible to do accurately and is prohibitively expensive”, leading to a “net loss of biodiversity”.

Selected press coverage on Energy

Selected press coverage on Governance

Selected press coverage on Water, Marine and Fisheries