IEEP in the press in 2012

Selected press coverage on bioenergy

  • Half of Europe's renewable energy 'comes from wood' Euractiv - 30 November 2012
    Climate scientists say that this time lag can run over many decades – sometimes centuries – causing environmental tipping points to be reached in the interim that render any expected eventual carbon savings moot.
  • Biomass may hinder climate fight BBC - 12 November 2012
    Power firms say the CO2 savings are worthwhile, but the Institute for European Environment Policy (IEEP) says there's no reason to believe the required emissions reductions will be achieved with current biomass policy.
  • Bye-bye, Bioenergie: Raps, Maid oder Rohholz stehen als Energiequellen vor dem Aus De Zeit - 31 October 2012
    Obendrein musste die Bioenergielobby Ende vergangener Woche vernichtende Kritik einstecken, zuerst vom Umweltbundesamt UBA und dann vom Londoner Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).
  • IEEP calls for review of EU bioenergy policies ENDS Europe Daily - 26 October 2012
    Policies based on the flawed assumption that energy production from biomass is carbon neutral must be reviewed because they risk making the climate crisis worse, says the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).
  • Woody energy burns hole in EU climate policy Reuters - 25 October 2012
    The findings of the Institute for European Environment Policy reinforce concerns already raised by climate campaigners that EU environment policy is fundamentally flawed.
  • Bioenergy review confirms carbon saving doubts Euractiv - 25 October 2012
    There is “no basis” for presuming that EU bioenergy use will deliver any emissions savings at all, says the study by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), a not-for-profit research organisation.
  • EU executive waters down biofuels proposal ENDS Europe Daily - 17 October 2012
    The final version also provides a detailed list of 'good' biofuels that would count more than others in efforts to achieve the EU's 10% renewables target for transport. Follow-up: Proposal, plus reactions from industry (see Tuesday's issue), think tank the IEEP and NGOs - EEBWWF, the RSPBFriends of the Earth and Greenpeace.
  • Ethanol industry hits back over food price claims Euractiv - 28 August 2012
    Bettina Kretschmer of the Institute for European Environmental Policy is an author of a recent report that calls for the EU to rethink its target of 10 per cent renewable energy use in ground transport by 2020 in part because of the long-term impact of food costs.
  • Study calls for shift in EU energy policy to boost advanced biofuels Agra Europe - 29 May 2012 
    The Institute for European Environmental Policy has called for changes to EU energy policy to provide a platform for the development of wheat straw as an advanced biofuel, in a report commissioned by Danish enzyme producer Novozymes.
  • Thinktank reviews straw's potential as a biofuel feedstock Link provided in ENDS Europe Daily to the report - 22 May 2012

Selected press coverage on the CAP

  • What potential agroforestry holds for the future CAP? - 11 October 2012
    Jana Polaková, Senior Policy Analyst at IEEP went further and argued that even defining agroforestry holds challenges for policymakers. She emphasised the importance of improved farm advisory services as well as of revised agroforestry and cross-compliance measures.
  • CAP reform must bring more targeted, innovative actions under P2 − study Agra Europe - 27 July 2012
    Better advice and knowledge transfer, more rigorous 'sustainability-proofing' and new incentives for innovation are also required post-2013, says the study led by experts from CCRI and IEEP.

Selected press coverage on TEEB Nordic

Selected press coverage on climate change

  • A vital energy deal on onshore wind power is blown apart The Telegraph - 16 November 2012
    The Wildlife Trusts reckons that, with other measures proposed by the European Commission, it could amount to a reduction of almost 20 per cent, and the authoritative Institute for European Environmental Policy expects even more cuts to come.
  • Solar industry faces subsidy cuts in Europe Washington Post - 19 March 2012 
    "It’s not necessarily easy to get support to the right level," said David Baldock, executive director for the London-based Institute for European Environmental Policy.
  • Unlocking a deeper EU carbon cut Point Carbon - 12 February 2012 
    The EU is facing a considerable challenge in finding a consensus on moving beyond the current commitment of a 20 percent emission cut by 2020.
  • EU paper offers route to deeper CO2 target: analysts Point Carbon - 30 January 2012 
    The EU is more likely to agree to a deeper CO2 reduction target if it forces richer western member states to shoulder more of the cost, policy analysts said Monday.

Selected press coverage on EU budget

  • The right targets for EU subsides The Guardian - 28 November 2012
    David Baldock's letter on George Monbiot's anti-farming rhetoric
  • A €1tn scandal or money well spent: where does the EU budget go? The Guardian - 22 November 2012
    Keti Medarova-Bergstrom, senior policy analyst at the Institute for European Environmental Policy, makes a more general case: that there are many areas where the EU gets more by spending its money jointly, the so-called multiplier effect.
  • Hedegaard: Grønne EU-lande må redde klima i budgetstrid Information - 30 October 2012
    'If the Danish Presidency wanted to show conformity of its climate and budgetary ambitions, they should have brought the 20 per cent into the negotiating box...', says Keti Medarova-Bergstrom, senior analyst at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).
  • EU budget debate: Some one trillion euro questions and answers Euractiv - 11 October 2012
    Keti Medarova-Bergstrom and Pawel Swidlicki put their heads together to identify why and where EU budgetary spending has got it wrong in the past and propose how roughly €1 trillion can better serve Europe's environment, economy and people in the next funding period. Keti Medarova-Bergstrom is Senior Policy Analyst at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP).
  • Debate on greener EU budget gets underway ENDS Europe Daily - 23 April 2012 
    In a new analysis of EU budget proposals issued ahead of Tuesday's meeting, the Institute for European Environment Policy (IEEP) found that the EU currently falls short of the commitment to spend 20% of funds on climate-related projects.

 Selected press coverage on other IEEP publications, events, and commentary

  • Ecological resilience: a life insurance policy for communities UNEP 'Green Up Blog' European Youth Press - 21 June 2012 
    Patrick ten Brink underlined the importance of integrating all aspects of a green economy when assessing the economy and emphasized that ecological resilience essentially should be understood as a life insurance policy for communities.
  • Waste laws: Europe must get its act together ENDS Europe Daily - 7 June 2012
  • Policy Protection International Innovation - February 2012
    IEEP is responsible for ensuring environmental considerations are upheld in all areas of European policy. David Baldock, Executive Director for the Institute, highlights their success to date and the extent of the challenges that remains.
  • Green policymaking faces uncertain future ENDS Europe Daily - 25 January 2012
    Europe's economic crisis could slow environmental policymaking but also presents an opportunity to promote issues such as resource efficiency, according to a report published by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) on Tuesday.
  • EU Treaty veto could weaken UK green policy ENDS Report - 12 January 2012
    Nearly two months after the new eurozone budgetary discipline treaty will not be clear for several years. But many fear it will have major implications for UK environmental policy and law.