Malini Mehra

Member of IEEP London Board


Malini Mehra is chief executive of GLOBE International, the environmental legislators organisation. She has more than three decades of experience on sustainability, gender, human rights and climate in multiple sectors. From leading international campaigns at Beijing (1995), Kyoto (1997), Seattle (1999), Copenhagen (2009) and Paris (2015) for Friends of the Earth International, Oxfam and other NGOs to founding an award-winning Indian climate & sustainability NGO, she has co-authored the UN’s Human Development Reports and advised the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, on UN reform. While in the UK government, Malini was the architect of the UK’s sustainability partnerships with China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico and has advised CEOs of companies including Unilever & BHP Billiton. Currently, she is a commissioner to the Mayor of London on sustainable development, an adviser to the head of the UN’s disaster risk agency and serves on numerous boards including China Dialogue and EcoPeace Middle East. A keen swimmer, she founded the Teach A Girl To Swim (TAGS) campaign to highlight the hidden global epidemic of drowning and connect it with the climate crisis and girls empowerment. An Indian citizen, she is fluent in several languages and has lived and worked in cities including New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Geneva, Delhi & Calcutta. She is based in London, where she raises her three children, and helped initiate the annual London Climate Action Week. Malini has degrees in women’s studies, politics and international development from Smith College (USA) and the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex).