Sustainability policy

As an environmental sustainability think tank, it is essential that we work to minimise our environmental impacts and foster a healthy work environment. We recognise our responsibility to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and strive to make sustainable practices and high environmental awareness a norm.

Our most significant environmental impacts are:


Our overall aim is to continually improve our environmental performance through minimising resource consumption, reducing waste, reusing and recycling materials, and considering a commitment to sustainable practices when choosing suppliers and partners.


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Energy use

Keep energy use to a minimum by doing the following:

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Paper use

As a policy studies institute, much of IEEP’s work involves the generation of reports or other potentially paper-based outputs; we similarly receive many printed books and reports and maintain a small paper-based library. Recognising the material, energy and pollution impacts of paper creation and use our policy is:

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Office practices

As for the remaining office supplies, equipment and good practice we:

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To deliver the policy outlined above, we are committed to doing the following:

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