Hans Van Gossum


Hans is leading the biodiversity unit at IEEP and part of the Executive Management Team, in that role contributing to the wider strategic management and development of the Institute. Professionally and out of personal interest Hans has extensive knowledge on natural history and on the functioning of the natural world. With the biodiversity work Hans believes that enhancing biodiversity is very closely linked to other EU policies, such as, agriculture, fisheries, regional development and the single market, and is seen to play an important role in supporting EU strategic objectives for a resource efficient and climate resilient economy and for innovation, business growth and job creation. Meeting biodiversity goals will therefore play a crucial role in supporting the EU’s objectives across the economy and society.

Prior Hans worked five years (2014-2019) at Arcadis, as senior biodiversity consultant and project lead on environmental policy (biodiversity, climate adaptation, ecosystem services, green infrastructure, Natura 2000), environmental impact analyses (EIA, AA), and on business advisory and biodiversity design for private and public clients. In this job Hans strengthened his commercial and project management skills.

Before, Hans worked five years (2009-2014) with the Flemish (Belgium) nature administration on the topics of nature and species protection, invasive alien species and wildlife management. In this job Hans acquired strong skills in communication and stake-holder management.

Hans started his career as a scientist, 7 years of which as a postdoctoral research at the University of Antwerp. Hans published over 50 peer-reviewed research papers on evolutionary ecology and toxicology, he taught at university and university college on ecology, entomology and natural history, he guided 2 PhD and over 20 MSc students and communicated about science to the larger public. During his scientific career Hans lived and worked one year in Canada, 4 months in Fiji and 4 months in Spain.

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