Mia Pantzar

Policy Analyst and Communications Officer

Email: mpantzar@ieep.eu

Phone: +44 (0)207 340 2683

Specialist Subjects:


Mia joined IEEP in April 2015. Her work has recently included authoring a study on socio-economic benefits of European Marine Protected Areas for the DG Environment, co-authoring a study on the environmental policy implications of the UK deciding to leave the EU, and running a pan-European survey of the use of the ecosystem services concept in MPA management, under the European research project OPERAs (2012-2017).

Mia is part of the IEEP Industry, Waste and Water research team as well as the Biodiversity team. She is particularly interested in circular economy, natural resource management, and nature conservation.

As part of the IEEP Communications team, Mia is also leading the development of IEEP’s visual profile and website and producing graphical output for IEEP projects and for the Institute. Her communications work includes working strategically with the Institute’s internal and external communications in the short- and longer-term. 

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