How can Planetary Boundaries guide environmental policy in Europe and globally?

What are the environmental limits in which humanity can safely operate? The concept of Planetary Boundaries, developed by a team of scientists and first introduced in 2009, has become influential in environmental research and amongst policy makers. It explores critical thresholds, for example for biodiversity loss, ocean acidification or nitrogen emissions. In an interview with IEEP analysts for the latest Beyond GDP newsletter, Katherine Richardson and Will Steffen, who were central in developing the Planetary Boundaries approach, provide insights into the challenges of analyzing and determining critical parameters for life on earth. They also discuss the links between resource use, well-being and environmental justice. Planetary Boundaries have already influenced policy, such as UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, and are becoming increasingly relevant.

This edition of the Beyond GDP Newsletter also features a spotlight article on resource use indicators, recent news on development indicators, and a forthcoming agenda of events.

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