IEEP & Energy Cities to bridge science and citizens gap on climate change through culture

The objectives of the Iceberg project are to raise awareness about local solutions to climate change, give greater exposure to cities committed to fighting climate change and raise funds for climate change research. This gigantic sculture, made of recycled materials, will travel from city to city, allowing us to reach citizens and: 

  • Share the latest scientific, locally relevant information about climate change
  • Showcase local solutions
  • Support locally-relevant climate research through ethical and green merchandising
  • Promote action by citizens

The Iceberg is the creation of Rosette de Stefano, a sculptor, whose work is based on Arte Povera. De Stefano proposes "an ethic of sobriety, based on the conscious love of our finitude". 

We are currently looking for partnerships to make this exciting project happen. Read the project presentation below and contact us at: