IEEP wins “EU Energy and Environment Award” at Prospect Magazine’s annual think tank awards

2 December – In a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament, The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) was named winner of the “EU Energy and Environment Award” at Prospect Magazine’s Think Tank Awards 2016.

Judged by a cross-party panel, which included The Guardian’s Fiona Harvey, IEEP was chosen for its high levels of influence on European public policy and public discourse. The panel emphasised IEEP’s research was “remarkable for its diversity and insightfulness”, and praised its ability to deliver rigorous policy analysis and innovative EU policy prescription.

Sharing the stage with fellow award winners, Chatham House, Bruegel and the Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2016 commemorates 40 years of IEEP advancing policy for a sustainable Europe.

Céline Charveriat, executive director of IEEP, emphasised the need for collaboration and creativity to deliver a sustainable future for all Europeans:

In a post-Brexit Europe, the environment cannot be a side-show. At a time when voters are concerned about having solutions imposed on them by elites, we need real imagination and creativity to build political processes that deliver solutions for a better environment and a safer planet. We are ready to work for this, and we hope you will join us.

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