In memory: Sir Hans Kornberg FRS, an early Board Member of IEEP

Sir Hans Kornberg who joined the Board of IEEP in the 1970s passed away last December at the age of 91.

The distinguished biochemist Sir Hans Kornberg readily agreed to join the Board of IEEP when approached by its founding Director, Konrad von Moltke, in the 1970s. He was then the Chairman of the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) engaged in a report on Agriculture and Pollution (1979) followed by Oil Pollution of the Sea (1981). Kornberg was therefore very much involved with policymaking as well as scientific research.

Like his mentor, the Nobel Laureate Sir Hans Krebs, with whom he wrote the book Transformations in Living Matter (1957), he had arrived in England as a refugee from Nazi Germany. He was Professor of biochemistry, first at Leicester University, and then at Cambridge University, where he became Master of Christ's College. After retiring from Cambridge, he went to the US, where he continued to teach and research at Boston University until his death last December at the age of 91.

Kornberg was very supportive of the London office of IEEP when it opened in 1980, using his many contacts to help secure grants and making introductions that helped to establish its reputation.

He was succeeded on the Board of IEEP in the mid-1980s by the biologist Lord Cranbrook, who by then was also a member of the Royal Commission, thus continuing IEEP's links with it.

Photo by Vernon Doucette for Boston University Photography