Preparing for the Implementation of Agri Environment Schemes in Central and Eastern Europe: Seminar Proceedings of 8th/9th December 2000, Bratislava

Agri-environment schemes have become a key part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), covering about 20% of utilisable agricultural area (UAA) in the EU. Their development has been quite uneven across the EU. This is largely due to their administrative complexity and the policy traditions of different Member States. In contrast, agri-environment schemes are a very important policy instrument in those states that joined the EU most recently.

In preparation for accession, all applicant countries need to build the administrative capacity and knowledge to implement agri-environment schemes. At the latest the introduction of full agri- environment schemes should occur upon joining the EU, however all ten countries are in fact already planning to implement pilot schemes.

The main objective of the seminar was to facilitate as much "learning from experience" as possible by the participants.