Promoting Low Carbon Innovations in the EU

IEEP has provided a report for WWF to feed into its assessment of the conditions for the promotion of low carbon innovation in nine economies (China, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the European Union. WFF’s overall assessment was launched 16 June 2011 during the UNFCCC talk in Bonn.

IEEP’s report "Innovations for a Low Carbon Economy – an overview and assessment of the EU policy landscape" provides an overview and assessment of EU policies which relate to low carbon innovations, from the point of view of whether these policies add up to a coherent whole, whether there are some pieces missing, and whether the existing array of policy instruments is equal to the challenge. It concludes that in spite of some recent encouraging developments, much remains to be to done. It argues that there is a need for a more ambitious and more fundamentally transformative approach to innovation in the Community if we are to reach our climate change objectives by 2050.