New suite of 40 case studies on environmental fiscal reform

IEEP is pleased to publish drafts of a suite of 40 case studies on economic instruments from around the EU that address pollution and resource use.

These case studies, prepared by IEEP and partners as part of a major study for the European Commission on ‘Capacity building for environmental tax reform’, summarise a wide range of taxes, charges, subsidies and payments related to several areas of environmental policy.

The instruments selected for analysis were chosen based on their environmental relevance, whilst ensuring coverage of a wide range of instrument types and geographical balance (to provide at least one case study per EU Member State).

Each case study outlines the design, drivers and barriers, revenues and environmental, economic and social impacts of the instrument. The cases also discuss how stakeholders have been engaged with the instruments throughout the policy cycle, from policy formulation and decision making, through implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

Several of the case studies were presented at the final conference for the study, which took place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on 5 October 2017. Further details of the conference can be found here.