Agriculture & Land Management

Our work advances environmentally sustainable use of land and natural resources.

Climate Change & Energy

Our work pushes for ambitious, environmentally responsible and sustainable climate change and energy policies that do not conflict with other environmental objectives.

Green Economy

Our work aims to make the value of the environment understood to better integrate them into policies, measurements, assessment and economic policy instruments.

Industrial Pollution & Chemicals

Our work delivers effective regulatory regimes and administrative structures to help reduce the adverse impacts of industrial activity on the environment.

Water, Marine & Fisheries

Our work in water, marine and fisheries focuses on the development and implementation of legislation which would result in environmental benefits.

Natural Resources & Waste

Our work on resource use and waste contributes to the analysis and development of better policy and legislation, to reduce its environmental impact.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Our work promotes and contributes to the development of EU policies that maintain, restore and enhance biodiversity and associated ecosystem services.

Global Challenges and SDGs

Our work stimulates wider analysis and debate on the external dimension of EU policies on the environment and sustainable development.

Environmental Governance

Our work focuses on the wider strategic context of EU environmental policy, including how policy is developed, its effectiveness, coherence, and impact.