The European Union’s imprint on both the global environment and on environmental policy beyond its borders has been sizeable. This influence will likely remain in the years ahead, although its role as a driver of progress is challenged as major economic players and new international political dynamics emerge.

How should EU’s role evolve in a changing world? How can the EU and its Member States best support the delivery of global commitments, such as the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? How should their implementation be held to account? What can Europe offer – and learn – through efforts on global dialogue and diplomacy? How can its own policies align better to global imperatives? 

IEEP’s work on Global Challenges and SDGs focuses on the global dimension and external impacts of EU policies, both positive and negative. We support the development of environmental and environment-related policies with global implications as well as feed into relevant international processes and discussions. In particular, we aim to ensure that the EU will deliver on its commitments to the global climate and 2030 SDG agendas, both in terms of its internal and external policies.