IEEP facilitates and contributes to dialogues between the EU and global partners on environmental and climate challenges with a view to support the implementation of the 2030 SDGs, especially through more sustainable and streamlined EU policies. Our multidisciplinary expertise and independence make us a knowledgeable and trustworthy coordinator of such debates.

While EU policies can – and indeed should – promote environmentally and socially sustainable practice and avoid precipitating damage beyond its borders, the Union can also learn from other countries’ and regions’ experiences and approaches to addressing environmental challenges.

IEEP has a long track record of work with EU partner countries across the globe, supporting networks, relationship building and sharing of knowledge and best practice between institutions and stakeholders. We exchange best practice strategic initiatives, environmental data and address governance issues in regions including EU Neighbourhood Countries, the Outermost Regions, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia, Latin America and the Island States. We regularly assist public and private institutions in assessing the benefits of enhanced environmental protection, capacity assessment, compliance and enforcement. We also work with other think tanks and NGOs to support their engagement in international, EU and national policy discussions. In addition, we host visits by international delegations, to encourage learning and mutual exchange of ideas, information and best practice between countries.