IEEP has a long track record of sustainability indicator focused studies, including complementing GDP as a measure of progress and strengthening of indicators and accounting systems for natural capital. IEEP is also actively engaged in the discussions on the framework for measuring progress in implementing the 2030 SDG. The work of IEEP is contributing to investigating how ‘sustainability’ can be captured by indicators and how these can be integrated as effective tools to inform the policy-making process.

There is growing recognition that prosperity and well-being cannot be comprehensively measured through purely economic performance indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). New data and indicator frameworks designed to incorporate social and environmental dimensions, in addition to the economic ones, are necessary to provide a more accurate measure of progress in a changing world.

IEEP is closely involved in informing the debated on SDG monitoring and beyond GDP, exploring new frameworks, indicators, and methods for statistical reporting. A number of actors and institutions, both globally and in the EU, are currently engaged in the development of initiatives that consider measures of economic, social and environmental performance. IEEP also runs the European Commission’s Beyond GDP Initiative, which provides an online source of information, promoting the sharing of Beyond GDP initiatives at the regional, national, EU and international levels.