Water Policy

IEEP undertakes a wide range of work on EU water policy, focusing not only on the strategic but challenging Water Framework Directive, but also on the many ‘supporting’ Directives on priority substances, flood management, ground water, bathing water, and so on. IEEP’s analysis aims to address both the practical challenges and the fundamental principles of water protection.

IEEP’s key work in this area includes highly influential projects for the Commission, such as the development of a bottom-up, multi-criteria methodology to assess the costs and benefits of water policies in eight EU river basin districts in the context of the Blue 2 project. Other important projects include:

  • The development of policy options to support the Commission’s Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources
  • Studies contributing to the Fitness Check of the Water Framework Directive
  • Support to the Common Implementation Strategy of the Water Framework Directive
  • The TEEB Water and Wetlands

At the international level, IEEP has undertaken work for UNESCO to evaluate its International Hydrological Programme, driving policy-relevant research on water across the world.

Regarding work in this area, please contact: Andrew Farmer and Daniela Russi.