Event | COVID-19 recovery and Aid for Trade

This webinar explores the interlinkages between Aid for Trade, sustainable recovery and circular economy, sharing experiences and tools for countries to boost their recovery.

24 March
11:00-12:30 CET
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About the event 

This event is part of the WTO's Aid for Trade Stocktaking Event which marks the occasion to discuss developing and least-developed countries' trade needs arising from the pandemic and seek to mobilize financing for a continued, sustained response that supports recovery and resilience. 

This session focuses on the interlinkages between the COVID-19 recovery, Aid for Trade and circular economy and aims to share experiences and tools available for countries to boost post-COVID-19 recovery, sustainable development and green transition. The event is organised by the Permanent Missions of Finland, Kenya and the Netherlands and the International Trade Centre, in collaboration with the African Development Bank, the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA and the Institute for European Environmental Policy. 


Sustainable recovery measures should be placed at the heart of COVID-19 recovery. Transition to a low-carbon circular economy creates opportunities for trade, environment and job creation by greening and diversifying economies and production base. It can boost economic growth while supporting the achievement of the SDGs. 

Support for trade facilitation and national roadmaps, which take individual challenges and strengths into consideration, are important and successful tools in helping countries to move towards circularity. Aid for Trade can support countries in implementing national roadmaps and create trade opportunities. Many initiatives have already emerged, such as the African Development Bank’s activities to support the transition and mainstreaming circular economy solutions in African countries through national roadmaps. SMEs are also working towards circular production practices in order to realize the benefits of a green transition. 

This session aims at exploring interlinkages between Aid for Trade, sustainable recovery and circular economy. The session shares experiences and tools available for countries to boost post-COVID-19 recovery, sustainable development and job creation. By showcasing initiatives and concrete examples of circular economy and discussing implications for developing countries, the session explores the possibilities of Aid for Trade to support countries in e.g. implementing national roadmaps, mitigating challenges and creating trade opportunities. The outcomes of this session will feed into the dialogue and the Action Statement of the WCEF+Climate. 


Marianne Kettunen, Head of Programme, Global Challenges and SDGs, IEEP 


  • E. Dr.Cleopa Kilonzo Mailu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kenya to the United Nations Office in Geneva and other International Organizations in Switzerland 
  • Professor Anthony Nyong, Director for Climate Change and Green Growth,African Development Bank 
  • Robert Koech, CEO, SiomoTea Factory 
  • Colette van der Ven, International Trade Lawyer, Founder of TULIP Consulting
  • Kari Herlevi, Project Director, Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA