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Event report | Third edition of the Think2030 conference

AUTHOR: Sarah Pepinster

On 29 and 30 June 2022, IEEP and IDDRI welcomed members of the Think2030 platform at Sciences Po, Paris to discuss the implementation status of the European Green Deal. This report is a summary of a two-day discussion among national and EU-level policymakers, experts, representatives of civil society and the private sector on how to make the Green Deal a reality.

Now that the von der Leyen Commission has reached the halfway point of its mandate and that France has passed the torch of the Presidency of the Council to the Czech Republic, this was a good time to take stock of the implementation of the Green Deal and examine together what efforts are still needed to turn its flagship initiatives into concrete action. That is precisely the objective of the European Green Deal Barometer, now at its second edition: to track progress on the Green Deal files, to reflect with sustainability experts on how the implementation is developing in the current geopolitical and economic context, and to make recommendations on what can be adapted and improved moving forward.

IEEP and IDDRI, co-organisers of the conference on 29 and 30 June, welcomed high-level EU and national policymakers, experts, representatives of civil society and the private sector looking to make a difference in sustainability in Europe and to help carry the ambitions of the Green Deal beyond 2024.

Replay the conference

Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet for Executive Vice President Timmermans, delivered the keynote speech, opening the first discussion panel on 29 June.

Faustine Bas-Defossez, IEEP’s Director of External Impact, presented the first results of this year’s Green Deal Barometer.

In a video statement, Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevičius provided insights on the current work and priorities of the EC on the implementation of the Green Deal. Watch his full statement here.

The second panel discussed the status of Green Deal implementation now that the von der Leyen Commission is halfway through its mandate.

On the second day of the conference, sustainability experts gathered in four thematic roundtables. Following a discussion on the outcomes of each session, the closing panel suggested ways forward for ambitious Green Deal action led by the upcoming EU Presidencies.

Now in its second edition, the European Green Deal Barometer identifies barriers and opportunities for the implementation of the Green Deal. Picking up on the numerous ongoing negotiations on Green Deal files in the legislative procedure, as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine and the energy price hike, the Barometer paints a picture of the Green Deal as it currently stands.

Pictures of the first day and the second day are available on Flickr. 

More videos and useful links will soon be uploaded to this page. 

The Green Deal Barometer also includes recommendations drafted, discussed, and finalised by experts from the Think Sustainable Europe network during the Think2030 conference in June 2022, with focus on four main topics:

Sustainable Food Systems

Fit for 55 Package

Nature restoration

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

For a detailed account of the conference, read our event report.

Files to download

Towards a Transformative Sustainable Food System Legislative Framework_Think2030_IEEP (2022)
Delivering climate targets: How can EU policy support a just transition?_Think2030_IEEP (2022)
State of the EU CBAM after the French Presidency: A reality check_Think2030_IEEP (2022)
Restoring EU ecosystems: recommendations for the successful implementation of the proposed EU Nature Restoration Law _Think2030_IEEP (2022)
Event report_A future-proof European Green Deal: Overcoming crises, increasing ambition_Think2030 conference 2022

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