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IEEP contributes to raising awareness on funding for Natura 2000

The majority of Community co-financing for Natura 2000 during the upcoming funding period 2007-13 will be delivered through a mixture of existing Community funds. This challenges the national authorities and managers of Natura sites to utilise multiple funding sources and find ways to integrate Natura 2000 into broader regional development. IEEP is actively contributing to raising awareness in funding for Natura 2000. In this context, Marianne Kettunen (IEEP nature conservation and biodiversty programme) will be giving a presentation on the future Community co-funding framework for nature conservation in PAN Park Foundation’s Europe’s Wilderness Days in Oulanka National Park in Finland during 6-9 September 2006. She’ll also be contributing to the national workshop on financing Natura 2000 in Finland on 19 September 2006. This workshop is a part of the EU-wide Commission initiative to advice and support Member States in utilising the opportunities available for co-financing.

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