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IEEP launches briefing for Parliamentarians: Combating Climate Change – Maintaining Momentum

On 2 September IEEP launched a briefing aimed at ‘Supporting Europe’s Parliamentarians’ in ‘Combating Climate Change – Maintaining Momentum’.

The briefing, and associated website, is intended as a resource for MEPs as they enter the new Parliamentary term. MEPs are taking up their seats at a time of critical importance for climate policy – at the both European and global scale. Between 2004 and 2009 MEPs played a leading role in shaping an unprecedented package of new policy measures, which gave the EU momentum in addressing climate change. IEEP’s briefing outlines the challenges faced by Parliamentarians in the next five years, including the reflections of MEPs, from across the political parties, on the future of climate action.

These resources are part of a broader programme of activities by IEEP to support the new Parliament’s engagement on climate issues. MEP leadership will be vital in light of both the imminent international negotiations on a post 2012 framework, and the need to take forward implementation and further policy development to retain Europe’s credibility in the climate debate.

The briefing consists of the following concise sections:

  1. Climate Change – headline messages
  2. The urgency of action
  3. Delivering a low carbon future
  4. An equitable international deal
  5. Combating Climate Change – a tool kit for EU action
  6. The ongoing challenge

In addition to English the briefing materials can be downloaded in Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish. Visit the Combating Climate Change website

The main briefing is supplemented by additional resources aimed at helping interpret the climate debate and EU law including:

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