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IEEP Launches New Website Comparing EU and US Approaches to Environmental Problems

We are excited to launch a new section mini-site presenting the reports and conclusions from our ongoing initiative a Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE).

Europe and the U.S. are both powerful players in international politics and central to solving many of the environmental challenges faced today. IEEP, and our partner the Natural Resources Defense Council, are working to help improve understanding and communication between civil society in the U.S. and EU. Under T-PAGE we are bringing members of civil society together to discuss two environmental challenges that affect us all: climate change and the use of energy and separately the need to protect our marine environment.

Efforts under T-PAGE will culminate in two high level conferences in late spring 2008. The first will focus on the climate and energy challenges we face and how civil society can work together to increase transatlantic understanding and improve domestic policy making. The conference will be held in Washington and will cover key issues of concern to civil society today, with specific consideration of the role of biofuels, the future of carbon capture and storage and the use of cap and trade systems. The second conference will be held in Brussels or London and consider the use of Marine Protected Areas as a tool for protecting the environment.

To register your interest in attending either conference please contact Sirini Withana

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