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IEEP’s work on Environmentally Harmful Subsidies presented in Brussels

IEEP presented the draft results of the project ‘Environmentally Harmful Subsidies (EHS) – Identification and Assessment’ for peer review in Brussels on 16 September 2009.

The project team, led by IEEP (with IVM and Ecologic and supporting expert Claudia Dias Soares), presented a methodology aimed at policy makers for screening and assessing environmentally harmful subsidies. This is a project for the European Commission’s DG Environment. The views expressed in the report and during the workshop do not reflect the EC’s position. The final report will be published in mid November 2009.

The project

Case studies:

Contributions from experts

  • OECD tools: quick scan, checklist and integrated assessment Wilfrid Legg (OECD)
  • Experience from Czech Republic Rut Bitzkova, Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic
  • Experience from Germany Frauke Eckermann, German federal Environmental Agency (UBA)
  • Experience from Sweden Viveka Palm, Statistics Sweden

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