Is the green ambition left from the EC’s proposals for the CAP post-2020 about to be wiped out?

AUTHOR: Faustine Bas-Defossez

An IEEP assessment of the state of play of the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. 

Today, co-legislators are trying to seal a deal on the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This so called ‘super trilogue’ will be followed by a Council of agricultural ministers meant to ‘endorse’ the deal or most of it. IEEP saw one of the last versions of the working documents and warns that if the deal is sealed on this basis, it is unlikely that the future CAP will help farmers to enact the necessary transition towards sustainable farming.

Faustine Bas Defossez, External Impact Director at IEEP, reacted:

Back in October we identified the six essentials for keeping the CAP’s green ambition alive. It is deeply worrying to see that the deal which is about to be sealed will fail on all six of them. When sealing the deal, co-legislators must remember the amount of evidence around the unsustainability of the farming sector, the need to act rapidly to reverse the trends and one of the last opportunities there is out there to make it happen through a green CAP.

For more information about the six essentials and the performance of what’s currently been discussed against those, see the table attached.

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