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New book on protected area governance and management

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) has published a new book on protected area governance and management. Over two years in the making, this long anticipated book synthesises current knowledge and cutting-edge thinking in a range of subject areas relevant to the governance and management of protected areas, including their values and socio-economic benefits.

The book has been compiled by 169 authors, making it the largest WCPA volunteer project for a single product in the organisation’s history. One of these authors is IEEP’s Marianne Kettunen who played a key role in supporting the chapter on values and benefits of protected areas, providing guidance on assessing the socio-economic benefits and the role of monetary valuation. This chapter of the book builds on the insights of the previously published assessment guide by Kettunen and Patrick ten Brink (also of IEEP).

The book aims to educate and challenge its readers to think about protected areas in a more comprehensive and analytical manner than usual. It also provides information to support capacity development and training of protected area practitioners. The ultimate goal of the book is to support effective governance and management of protected areas and it is considered to be a quintessential resource for all stakeholders involved in the planning and management of protected areas.

The Protected Area Governance and Management e-books are available free online on the Australian National University website.

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