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New Book Published: A Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement

A new book has been published examining the structure, activities and management of environmental protection agencies across the world.

A Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement is authored by IEEP’s Andrew Farmer. This one-of-a-kind, authoritative handbook offers a comprehensive assessment of the principles and best practice of EEAs throughout the world with a focus on Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, east and south-east Asia and various other OECD, transition and developing countries.

The book assesses structures, expertise and capacity, financing, permitting, monitoring, inspection, enforcement and EEA performance and future directions. It also identifies best practice for creating or improving EEAs. It offers substantial information for industry on the nature of compliance with environmental regulations as well as vital information for professionals, consultants, NGOs and researchers working at the interface between government EEAs and industry.

The book is available through Earthscan Publishers.

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