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Results of IEEP Research on Sustainable Development Indicators to be Presented at Commission conference

On 30th September 2009, IEEP’s Marc Pallemaerts will be presenting the results of an IEEP study commissioned by DG Research to a conference on “Research on Sustainable Development Indicators: Taking Stock of Results and Identification of Research Needs”, organised jointly by the Sustainable Development Unit of DG Research and EUROSTAT. The Conference will be hosted by EUROSTAT in Luxembourg, back-to-back with the next meeting of its Working group on Sustainable Development Indicators (October 1-2), which brings together experts from the Member States and EU institutions to develop indicators for monitoring progress on the implementation of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy.

The Conference will reflect on the research carried out so far on Sustainable Development Indicators and will also prompt the discussion on the remaining research gaps. A review of FP6 projects dealing with indicators will be discussed, together with the final results of two FP6 projects, INDI-LINK and DECOIN.

Additionally, a few external speakers from other key players in this area will also contribute to the final panel discussion. Visit the Commission website for more details on the conference

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