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Summer newsletter – CAP: Starting on a new track

The latest edition of IEEP’s newsletter is now available.

  • Editorial “CAP: Starting on a new track”
    Like the Tour de France, the lengthy process of agreeing a periodic Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform has many twists and turns and everyone is exhausted by the conclusion.
  • Shortfalls in EU marine litter policy
    An IEEP study for Seas At Risk has identified deficiencies in EU level instruments in tackling marine litter. More could be done to increase the ambition of Member States’ implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and to improve waste legislation and its implementation.
  • Mobilising resources for global biodiversity conservation
    An upcoming IEEP study finds that global foreign investment can play an important strategic role in leveraging funding for biodiversity from sectoral budgets, helping developing countries to implement the 2020 biodiversity targets.
  • Biofuels and indirect land use change – Q&A
    Determining how to improve the sustainability of EU biofuels is a contentious issue, raising a broad set of issues impacting on many policy areas, including energy, transport, waste, agriculture and trade. IEEP helps to bring clarity to some of the questions arising in an attempt to move the policy in a more sustainable direction.
  • IEEP builds capacity in mainstreaming nature’s values
    IEEP has been involved in a range of projects to provide policy-makers with further guidance and support in integrating and responding to the values of nature in policy-making.
    This has led to the publication of reports a series of webinars targeted at different audiences.

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