Think Sustainable Europe welcomes four new members

Think Sustainable Europe (TSE), the network of sustainability think tanks coordinated by IEEP, welcomes 4 new members, expanding its membership to now 13 organisations across Europe. 

IEEP is glad to welcome the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research – CENSE (Portugal), the Association for International Affairs – AMO (Czech Republic), Energiaklub (Hungary) and The Sustainable Development Foundation – SUSDEF (Italy) as the latest members to the network.

Think Sustainable Europe was created to provide policymakers across the continent with sound, science-based analysis and recommendations, by combining insights and experiences from various countries and areas of expertise. Launched by IEEP in 2019, the network also serves as the idea generator behind Think2030, a non-partisan, multi-stakeholder platform of policy experts from civil society, international NGOs and the private sector.

The four newcomers are joining the early members of the TSE network: the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), the Basque Centre for Climate (BC3), Ecologic Institute, the Green Tank, the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), TMG – Think Tank for Sustainability and WiseEuropa.

Since its creation, the network has been progressively and effectively involved with key EU stakeholders, leading several high-level meetings with EU institutions’ officials, providing policy recommendations, and supporting the sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2022, the network will gather for the third Think2030 Conference in Paris, co-organised by IEEP and the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI).

About the new members

The Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research (CENSE) is a Portuguese research centre promoting interdisciplinary research in environmental sciences and engineering, focusing on the interaction between human and ecological systems, to promote sustainable development. CENSE develops its activities through the promotion of research projects, outreach initiatives, training programs, collaboration with private and public organizations, dissemination of results and science-policy dialogues.

Main research areas: Bioresource and Green Technologies, Computation for Sustainability, Ecological Economics and Environmental Management, Energy and Climate

“By strengthening collaboration among its members and stimulating science-policy debates, the Think Sustainable Europe network fosters sharing and co-creation of knowledge that shapes solutions to key environmental and sustainability challenges across Europe.”

Nuno Videira, Executive Director, CENSE

The Association for International Affairs (AMO) is a Prague-based think tank promoting research and education in the field of international relations. Convinced that key decisions impacting sustainability must be made based on quality evidence-based inputs, AMO's Climate Team brings such inputs to the Czech discourse while also striving to enhance the interlinkages between domestic, European and international debate. 

Main research areas: International Relations and Climate Change

“Think Sustainable Network brings together think tanks from Europe's East, West, North and South and creates a space where they can exchange national perspectives in order to work jointly on the European level. As part of this coalition of leading European institutes, the Association for International Affairs is better equipped to strive for the implementation of sustainability policies in the Czech Republic.”

— Vít Dostál, Executive Director, AMO

Energiaklub is an independent, nonprofit policy and applied science institute focusing on energy efficiency, renewable resources, climate protection, conventional energy resources on national and international levels. Based in Budapest, Energiaklub supports municipalities in developing their climate- and energy-related strategies, produce recommendations for government or public bodies, raise awareness of the general public and cooperate with businesses to develop sustainable solutions. For 30 years, they have been striving for synergy by connecting the dots across sectors, countries and communities.

Main research areas: Renewable Energy, Community energy, Energy Poverty, Climate and Energy Policy, Paks Nuclear Plant

“By working together with outstanding experts from IEEP-TSE, we hope to offer more science-based solutions and policy recommendations for Hungarian and European stakeholders. In today's interconnected world, if we aim at fostering evidence-based policymaking, we need to collate our data, knowledge and experience from diverse sources across sectors and borders.”

— Martina Méhes, Managing and Policy Director, EnergiaKlub

The Italian Sustainable Development Foundation (SUSDEF) is today an authoritative point of reference for the main sectors and actors of the green economy: the economy for sustainable development. SUSDEF count on a set of experience, knowledge and credibility, acquired in years of thorough work, which they put at the service of a civil and environmental commitment, especially supporting businesses and organizations sharing a common vision of sustainability and responsibility.

Main research areas: Climate, Energy Sustainable Mobility, Circular Economy, Natural Capital, Green Cities, Company Reporting and Environmental Strategies

“Knowledge sharing and cooperation are at the basis of the achievement of the ecological and climate transition. We always say in our Foundation that green economy is a matter of team building between companies, NGOs, and institutions. Our aim is that TSE becomes an accelerator for greening the European economy.”

Raimondo Orsini, Executive Director, SUSDEF

For more information on Think Sustainable Europe and the possibilities for joining the network, please contact Mattia Bonfanti or Claire Iceaga.


© Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash