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Webinar | The air we breathe: Regional and local perspectives on air quality policy in the EU and UK

Air pollution is well known to be generally worse in urban areas. Transport, construction, and heating are major contributors that have a disproportionate health impact on the elderly, young children, and those with preexisting health conditions. And, while legislation in the UK remains broadly similar to that seen in the EU, policy solutions and implementation and enforcement measures can vary.

On 24 April (11:00-12:30 GMT), our colleagues at IEEP UK are organising a webinar to share key insights from a new air quality briefing laying out some of the similar challenges the EU and UK face today. The webinar will provide a platform to discuss experiences from across the continent to reduce urban air pollution and related health risks.

This webinar will also offer a view of the international, regional, national and local contexts in which air quality policy plays out. IEEP will outline its project, financed by the Clean Air Fund, investigating how Low Emission Zones (LEZ) can contribute to improving urban air quality whilst taking into account and minimising the potential negative social impacts. The project is currently preparing case studies on LEZ in Stockholm, Warsaw, Milan, Brussels and Sofia, to showcase success stories and challenges from around Europe, with a final report due in late summer or early autumn 2024.

On the day, we will be joined by: 

  • Emma Bergeling – Policy Analyst, IEEP
  • Michael Nicholson – Head of Environmental Policy, IEEP UK
  • Clare Hamilton – Senior Policy Associate, IEEP UK
  • Aleksander Szałański – Transport Policy Advisor, FPPE
  • Matt Towner – Health Effects of Air Pollution Programme Director, Impact on Urban Health 
  • Mark Roberts – Executive Director, Environmental Standards Scotland

To receive the webinar Zoom link, please register using this link.

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