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Welcome move on ILUC by the European Parliament’s rapporteur

Corinne Lepage, French MEP (ALDE), presented at a press conference today her draft report on the European Commission’s proposal to amend the Renewable Energy Directive to address indirect land use change (ILUC) caused by EU biofuel use.

IEEP welcomes the approach taken by Lepage. The report represents a constructive step forward and contrasts with the strong opposition to the Commission’s proposal seen in the recent energy and environment Council meetings. Many of Lepage’s suggestions are helpful in addressing the challenge faced in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from biofuels.

  • Lepage proposed to remove the five per cent cap on biofuels from food crops, but suggests differentiating between them on the basis of their ILUC impacts;
  • In order to make this differentiation, ILUC factors would be included into the GHG methodology along with a ‘grandfathering clause’ to protect existing investment and jobs;
  • The multiplying factors for certain fuels will be retained; however, the list of indicative feedstocks has been modified and the need for safeguards for using wastes and residues is stressed;
  • Lepage emphasised the need to incorporate other measures to reduce reliance on liquid biofuels alone. These include renewable electricity generation, with a target share of 1.5 per cent and the proposal for 12 per cent energy efficiency saving in the transport sector by 2020 creating synergies with measures to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles.

Lepage is a key figure in the highly controversial debate surrounding the ILUC dossier, for which she is the rapporteur in the Parliament’s Environment Committee.

IEEP has an active work programme to ensure the sustainability of biofuels, see in particular our reports opposite.

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