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Winter Newsletter: Playing with fire

The latest edition of IEEP’s newsletter is now available:

  • Editorial ‘Playing with fire’ – The collective efforts of Europe’s leaders over the last month have revealed a willingness to sacrifice environmental goals very much too readily.
  • Tough questions on bioenergy’s greenhouse gas credentials – An IEEP report for the European Climate Foundation questions whether the burning of forest biomass for energy actually leads to greenhouse gas savings.
  • Reforming environmentally harmful subsidies – The EU has a long-standing commitment to removing or phasing out environmentally harmful subsidies, most recently reiterated in the ‘Roadmap for a resource efficient Europe’, but efforts need to be further strengthened and accelerated to achieve their goal to do so by 2020.
  • Biodiversity-proofing the EU budget – IEEP recently led a study for DG Environment on the opportunities for ‘biodiversity-proofing’ the EU budget
  • Protecting Europe’s water resources – IEEP has been heavily involved in the preparation of the ‘Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources’ published by the European Commission last November, the new strategy to protect Europe’s waters over the coming decade.
  • Accounting for natural capital – Since September 2012 IEEP has worked on a project commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers to examine five different approaches to incorporate the values of biodiversity in national accounting.
  • Securing improved environmental outcomes via the CAP – Over the past year IEEP has supported the European Network for Rural Development in collecting over 50 examples of innovative approaches to deliver environmental services.

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