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Agricultural Biodiversity – Issues to be aware of within MEACAP

AUTHORS: Davy McCracken-C Klockenbring-Agata Zdanowicz-David Baldock

The purpose of this brief document is to:

  • provide an overview of the issues known to be important for agricultural biodiversity at an EU15 and EU25 level;
  • provide a focus for the types of biodiversity issues that WP5 within MEACAP should be concerned with;
  • and to provide a framework for the types of measures that should be considered, especially from a biodiversity perspective.

The main intent is to:

  • help set the scene for the agricultural biodiversity work within WP5;
  • provide a framework for the EU10 to react to (and thereby help prevent duplication of work that has gone before);
  • and provide a framework for the EU15 work.

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