Analysis of the Legal and Institutional Policies relating to the South West

The report commissioned by IEEP for Invest in Fish South West reviews fisheries management options within the current international, EU and UK legislation.

Invest in Fish South West is a stakeholder led project that seeks to develop a regional strategy for managing fisheries in the Celtic Sea, English Channel and Western Approaches that improves fish stocks in a way that will benefit the marine environment, regional economy and local communities. The project was launched on 28 April 2004 by HRH the Prince of Wales. To celebrate progress made within its first year, Invest in Fish South West will be releasing four reports over the next month. Each report discusses important findings from different research projects conducted within the context of the project to date. Although these reports do not convey the collective views of Invest in Fish South West, they do provide a basis for discussion that will aid stakeholders in defining a fisheries management strategy. Relevant biological, economic and social data collected from these reports will also be inputted into the Invest in Fish South West's bio-economic model1.