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Environmental policy integration in Europe: State of play and an evaluation framework


The report draws together the findings of many existing studies and reports on environmental policy integration in Europe. It reviews progress in implementing policy integration at country and EU level, in terms of political commitments, governance systems, policy instruments and monitoring, and evaluation of progress. The paper also identifies subjects that warrant further exploration, as well as suggesting a framework for evaluating and monitoring progress in integration, that can be used by the EEA and other organisations.

This report examines the state of play on environmental policy integration in Europe, including both national and EU-level activities. It builds on previous EEA work in this area, in particular the global assessment of the fifth environmental action programme, the State of the environment report 1999 and the 2003 report — Europe’s environment: the third assessment. It also builds firmly on the EEA’s work on monitoring integration in specific sectors, notably transport, agriculture and energy. The project will strengthen the Agency’s capacity on integration, providing a solid foundation for longer-term and crosssectoral activities.

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