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Establishing an EU ‘Guardian for Future Generations’

AUTHORS: Martin Nesbit-Andrea Illes

IEEP’s report for the World Future Council looks at experience gained with the creation of roles and institutions in different countries aimed at improving the generational equity of decision-making. The report identifies some key gaps in decision-making processes at EU level and offers suggestions for how those gaps could be filled by creating a new role identifying and advising on risks to the interests of future generations.

According to the assessment, creating long-term security for such a function, ideally through incorporating it in the EU Treaty, or if not, then through legislation, has clear benefits in terms of enabling a Guardian to provide clear, fearless advice. Wide institutional and political buy-in is an important pre-condition for success, and would also need to be developed.

For more information on the report and our work in this area, please contact Martin Nesbit (

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