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Instruments for financing action on invasive alien species in Finland

AUTHORS: Marianne Kettunen – Jaakko Heikkilä – Evelyn Underwood – Ieva Vyliaudaite

This review identifies and assesses a range of innovative instruments for financing and/or covering the costs of policy action on invasive alien species (IAS). The analysis focuses on IAS instruments financed through private funding. In addition, examples of cost-effective ways to combine public and private funding have been identified.

The review consists of altogether 10 illustrative instruments. These instruments have been systematically assessed and their possible applicability in Finland has been estimated. Six criteria have been used to evaluate the identified instruments: coverage and scope of an instrument, cost-effectiveness, legal requirements, administrative burden, requirements for public funding and, acceptability and legitimacy.

The review was carried out in the context of a broader project on increasing knowledge on IAS in Finland. The project, supported by IEEP, was led by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and financed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The overall aim of the project was to support the future implementation of Finnish national IAS strategy, adopted in 2012.

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