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Scope Options for EU Action on Invasive Alien Species (IAS)

AUTHORS: Clare Miller-Marianne Kettunen-Clare Shine

The IEEP report ‘Scope options for EU action on invasive alien species (IAS)’ presents the outcomes of the project analysing the EU legal and policy framework for IAS, at both the Community and Member States level. The project, carried out by IEEP and its project partners for the European Commission (DG Environment), aimed to establish whether the current European framework is adequate for the EC to comply with its international obligations related to IAS (eg under the Convention on Biological Diversity). The results of the project revealed that even though certain groups of organisms are well covered by existing legal provisions some significant gaps in coverage remain. There is also a lack of consistency in provisions relating to IAS between EU Member States, and the operation of the Single Market is perceived as a barrier to taking actions to lower risks from IAS. Additionally, the IAS issue still has a low public and political profile in Europe and in most Member States.

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