Supporting IEEP’s work

The EU is the most powerful driver of environmental policy within Europe, and in several areas globally as well. Decisions taken on European policy have far-reaching effects on issues such as climate change, pollution levels, biodiversity, water quality, and recycling. To meet these complex challenges, we endeavour to be at the helm of driving more sustainable environmental policy in Europe and beyond.

With over 40 years of experience, we have unparalleled expertise in shaping and implementing European policy. As a non-profit without core funding, we are proud of our independence and generate funds from a range of sources.

However, often we are limited by funds to pursue ideas that we generate or to be able to respond to the requests that we receive. We cannot participate in all the policy debates, advisory groups and urgent initiatives.

We welcome support from all parties with an interest in the future of the environment – foundations, charities, governments, NGOs, responsible corporate sponsors and individuals. There are many different ways that you can contribute through donations, funding new and existing projects or dedicated events.