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Board Members

Roberto Ferrigno

Roberto Ferrigno

Member of IEEP AISBL Board

Roberto has an extensive background in environmental advocacy, strategic policy advice, and EU public affairs. He held senior management positions in global and European organizations, such as Greenpeace International, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), WWF, and Weber Shandwick.


Roberto was also the appointed national expert for Italy in the Secretariat of the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, the Economic and Social Committee of the European Communities (EESC) in Brussels. He also worked in the Italian Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ANPA) as a strategic and policy advisor to the President.


As founder and director of a Brussels-based consultancy specializing on sustainability issues, he currently advises global producers of bio-polymers and consumer electronics on their advocacy on the Circular Economy Action Plan and the initiative on the New Plastics Economy launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He also provides strategic advice to the EU’s gas value-chain on joint initiatives to enhance biogas and hydrogen contribution to the achievement of net-zero emissions by 2050. Most recently, he was among the experts supporting members of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative, established by the European Commission to mobilize science and innovation for implementing the Paris Agreement and supporting EU climate action.


Roberto is policy advisor of the Chair of the Industry Committee of the Italian Senate, focusing on carbon taxation, and energy infrastructures.

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