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Our People

Antoine Oger- IEEP Head of programme, Global Challenges and SDGs

+32 2 738 7474

Antoine Oger

Research Director / Head of programme, Global Challenges and SDGs

Antoine is our head of the Global Challenges and SDGs team since August 2021. In July 2023 he was appointed Research Director.


Antoine is a specialist in environmental and more generally sustainability-related policies at the EU and global level. He joined IEEP in August 2021 as Head of Programme for Global Challenges and SDGs to work primarily on the coherence of the EU’s internal and external policies and on the greening of the EU’s trade policy. He previously worked for over twelve years in providing technical assistance for the sustainable development of countries in the global south.


Antoine holds a MA in European Politics from the Institute of Political Studies of Rennes. He is a native speaker of French and fluent in English. He also speaks Spanish and Italian.

Specialist subjects:

EU trade policy, Sustainable development