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Our People

Evelyn Underwood​

+32 2 211 1093

Evelyn Underwood

Head of programme, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Evelyn heads IEEP’s Biodiversity and Ecosystems team since June 2021, and has been a policy analyst in the team since 2012. Her areas of expertise include implementation of EU biodiversity policy, pollinator conservation, reducing impacts of pesticides on biodiversity through sustainable use, policies to reduce impacts of invasive alien species on biodiversity. Evelyn led IEEP’s work on the evaluation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, on agricultural policy and management and Natura 2000 (including guidance, best practice case studies, and analysis of EU funding opportunities), and the evidence reviews of IEEP’s evaluation of the biodiversity impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy.


Evelyn has a MSc in Agriculture, Environment and Development from University of East Anglia and a BSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Aberystwyth. She has native English, is fluent in German, and competent Spanish and French.

Specialist subjects:

biodiversity and nature conservation, ecosystem services and the value of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture