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Ian Skinner - IEEP Associate

Ian Skinner

IEEP Associate

Ian is an experienced researcher and consultant on the environmental aspects of European and national transport policy, who became an IEEP Associate in 2010. He worked at IEEP from 1998 to early 2007, before joining consultancy AEA as a Principal Consultant, where he worked for nearly three years. Since late 2009, Ian has been an independent working for his own company, TEPR. He has worked on many different aspects of transport and environmental policy, including projects for the European Commission, national government and NGOs, many of which were on transport’s CO2 emissions, including the 2008-2010 project EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050? Other work has looked at greening transport taxation, travel behaviour and the links between the social and environmental impacts of transport. Prior to joining IEEP, Ian completed his Ph.D. in regional sustainable transport policy at University College London and has also worked at the University of Kent on the external costs of the UK transport system. He also gives lectures and seminars, including most recently at UCL and Oxford University.

Specialist subjects:

European and national transport policy and the environment, greening transport taxation