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Brussels conference to launch results of major environmental taxation study

IEEP held a one-day conference in Brussels on 5 October 2017 to present the findings of a major study for the European Commission on the use of market-based instruments to address pollution and resource use.

The conference marked the conclusion of the study entitled ‘Capacity Building, Programmatic Development and Communication in the Field of Environmental Taxation and Budgetary Reform’, undertaken for DG Environment by an IEEP-led consortium.

The full-day event, hosted by the Committee of the Regions, brought together civil society organisations and policy-makers from across the EU to discuss how civil society can support and encourage the use of economic instruments to achieve environmental objectives.

The conference showcased the study’s findings, including presentations on interesting economic instruments from across the EU. The presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

A roundtable discussion was also held with representatives of EU institutions and civil society.

A short description of the study for the European Commission, the agenda for the event and a summary of the discussions on the day can all be downloaded below.

The final report and case studies can also be downloaded from IEEP’s website.

For more information on the study or IEEP’s wider work on environmental tax reform, please contact Emma Watkins.

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